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    Jim's funeral was held on Moday 3rd June at 11.00am at Howe Bridge Crematorium, Lovers' Ln, Atherton, Manchester M46 0PZ

    The hexbeam (which seems to shed wires with seasonal regularity) has now (May) been repaired by Stuart G0IUA and his son. So a big thanks to them from all of us.

  • AGM 2024
    The AGM (now moved to April for the convienence of members) took place on 25th April. At this meeting Stan stood down as chairman after many years and we thank him very much for his steadfast service to the club.
    Our new chairman Les, was unapposed and we welcome him back to, I'm sure a familiar role.
    The rest of the committee positions were re-elected unapposed.

    Our good friend and former education officer, Jim Brett sadly failed to recover from his illness and is now silent key. I willl post arrangements on here as soon as I am aware.

    Bob Heil, famous for his sound engineering in the music industry and an inovator of microphones and other equipment for amateur radio passed on February 28th. His business, Heil Sounds is in Illinois.
    Again favourable reports from amateurs visiting the event. Thanks to club members for their hard work and a big thanks to local amateurs for supporting the event, without whom, it wouldn't exist.
    The very popular raffle was won by: 1st prize Elaine M7EAE, 2nd prize Brian M0NSI
    , 3rd prize Peter G4WLI and 4th prize Dianna 2E0AWP.
    We also owe thanks to Frank G4EHY for his gift to the club of a FT 897 and asociated LDG tuner, power supply and portable antenna. Frank is no longer active and wished it to go where it would best serve the hobby. Very generous. We will certainly give it a good work out at out portable events this summer.

    We owe thanks to Ernie G4YYB for his gift to the club of a DR2 Fusion repeater, which will be a great improvement on our DR1 loan machine. Ernie has donated this in memory of Bob G0FRL and Dave G1IOO. We intend to install a plaque to commemorate that event.

    The new repeater is now installed and running as of 15/02/24.


    Quansheng UV5The revolutionary? new Quansheng radio has caused somewhat of a buzz in the amateur radio community since its arrival. It's not that it does much more out of the box than many similar Chinese radios, but... It has, one of the first (hopefuly many more to follow) of a family of versatile RF chips, in this case the Belken 4819 which covers between 18Mhz - 1200Mhz. A large following of firmware writers has latched onto this radio and there are too many firmware versions out ther to mention (such as IVJ or Egzumer v0.19 or v0.20). It is simple to update the firmware using free software tools or an online updater which works from your browser. Channel lists are easily manipulated too, as the latest 'Chirp' supports this radio. There are a few versions around, including the K6, but the only changes are cosmetic. All you need is the standard Baofeng programming lead (USB to twin 3.5mm & 2.5mm plugs). These can be programmed to recieve FM/AM/SSB anywhere on the 18-1200Mhz range and some firmwares transmit there too! (FM only on transmit).
    It's a lot of fun for around £8+ship from China. Look on Ali-express, average shipping times are working out 7-14 days depending upon which supplier you choose.
    I have received airband, 10m SSB, 10m FM, UHF PMR and regular old 2m and 70cm on mine.
    Word of warning...If you TX outside VHF or UHF frequencies obviously not much RF will make it through the amplifier and you will get maybe a mW or so out. But more importantly the harmonics from such may come out in critical places, i.e.airband. So experiment with much caution.
    Go here for online firmware updater (current at publishing): Quansheng updater
    Go here to get Chirp for memory programming: Chirp
    UK user facebook group: Quansheng fb group

    We have purchased a replacement radio for the 'door end' of the shack. This will replace either the old Icom or Kenwood which will be offered to members or sold at 991a radiothe forthcoming rally. The radio is a Yaesu FT991a so can be used for HF/VHF/UHF all modes. It also has a C4FM (Fusion) mode so will be able to also be used as a talk-in to our Repeater and its associated networks.
    25/10/23 Tony & Peter have removed and refitted the dangerous cupboards with strong brackets.
    Peter fitting cupboards Peter fitting cupboards
    22/10/23 Unfortunately the long cupboard in the shack is hanging off the wall precariously , it has been emptied, do not use. Tony & Peter are hoping to repair this week. Also the flourescent lights are failing and will be replaced with LED soon.
    20/10/23 Earlier this week Tony & Peter have applied a temporary fix to the maglock. The control box had failed and has been bypassed, so now there is no delay when pressed, so keep one hand on the door
    when operating.
    Busy rallyRally is set for February 25th 2024 at St Josephs hall. Check the rally page on the website for further info.
    12/10/23 The maglock (push button) on the shack door is faulty and may not allow access. I will post here when fixed.
    Dave Camac G1IOO passed away this morning , as some will remember Dave as the rally manager for a long time , and I think a lifetime membership. At Dave’s request there will not be a funeral .
    Members at Bobs funeralBob's service was at St Lukes, Bolton, followed by family and friends gathering at Heaton Cricket Club. Bobs service and interment was attended by 12 West Manchester Radio Club members. Such a key member of West Manchester Radio Club he will be greatly missed by our members. Our condolences go out to Eliane, also out thanks for the hospitality she offered mourners.
    Stuart G0IUAFriday 8th September 2023. Many thanks to Stan's working party and our main mast man Stuart G0IUA for fixing the 40m element on the hex beam, which failed a couple of months back.
    Nice to have everything running again.
    BobWith great sadness we have to report that Bob passed on Wednesday 23rd August. Bob our former treasurer, was an extremely active member of West Manchester Radio Club and will be greatly missed by our members. Bob was a true powerhouse at WMRC and actively supported all the club events. Many of you will remember him running the Bring and Buy at our Red Rose Rallies until fairly recently, also raising antennas and hitting the key at field events.
    He is a great loss to us and we send our condolences to his family.
    Arrangenment details will be published when available.
    Busy rallyYet another successful rally. Many thanks to Les G4HZJ for stepping up to run the event, you can't beat an experienced set of hands.
    raffle winnerAgain we had the very popular raffle for a Fusion hand held radio, won by Derek G0OMF. Many thanks to all our traders, amateurs, CB and SWL friends who attended, without who's support the rally would not be viable. A mention too for Tony and Paul and their respective wives/partners, whom without their labours we would have gone hungry. Please keep an eye out for our February 2024 Winter rally, which is larger and busier with extended Bring & Buy.
    Rally Youtube channel video is here as are many of our recent events.

    Thanks to the members who helped errect and run the station at Astley Mining Museum. Fantastic weather helped make the day.
    T2FD antennaFirst time at this event we errected a T2FD antenna instead of the Hexbeam to speed up setup, using Dave's (G8LIY) drone to drop the paracord support over the big tree, which took a couple of attempts and involved some ingenious recovery of the cord from the huge coniferous tree. Unfortunately band conditions were poor, we alternated between 20m and 40m which seem to be the only bands with activity, though being thin on the ground most of the day.
    Video here.
    (Posted 14/03/23)
    ColinThe committee wishes to thank Colin for his work at West Manchester Radio Club. Colin has been one of the most active members during his tenure. He is departing to concentrate on his newColin at lamco business venture and qth move. He has been one of our greatest assets and stepped forward as rally manager, not once, but twice. Colin is remaining as a member and hopes to attend the odd function.
    Colin has not only managed our Red Rose events but been active, often behind the scenes with many aspects of the running of the club... energetically supporting our field events and especially the negotiation of the 'extended loan' of our club repeater and its installation.
    We wish Colin the best of luck with his new ventures.
    This leaves an opportunity for a new face to join the committee in this role, for which Colin will provide all the necessary information.
  • AGM & EGM
    The EGM to modify the constitution to allow remote voting for our aging demographic and the AGM took place on 16th february 2023.
    The result being, non attending members can vote at the AGM or any EGM by proxy notifying the secretary of their appointed proxy or appointing the secretary.
    A copy of the revised constitution can be viewed here

    The members voted that future AGMs will take place in April, hopefully to improve attendance in the the lighter evenings.

    (Posted 16/01/23)
    The committee unanimously decided to modify two committee positions. The position of Awards Manager has been dispensed with, as it was felt that currently, any business needed to be conducted by such a position could easily be handled at a regular committee meeting.The position of education officer has been vacant for some time and no suitable candidate has come forward, so we are amalgamating this position with that of the recruitment position. Paul Hickey has kindly volunteered to fill this position where he will recruit and help coach foundation candidates.
    Also thanks to Stuart Ratcliffe for stepping into the position of shack and equipment officer.
    Please note the above positions are temporary appointments needing ratifying at the AGM, as do all committee positions. Anyone who is interested in helping the club in ANY of the committee positions, or can suggest a new position that may benefit the club please put your name forward by the 2nd February, this is the cut off date for nominations.
    There ia a decidedly cold front developing across the shack!
    Running the heater causes the RCB to trip out. We have had a look at this and the distribution panel needs replacing. Hopefully soon back to warm.
    The annual Christmas party will be on 15th December. Tickets available from Bev.
    This is a members only ticket event
    Red Rose Rally will be going ahead on 26th Feb 2023
    See rally page for info
    01/11/22 Power glitch has knocked out the repeater and cameras, this will be investigated 0n Thursday 3/11/22, when, hopefully all will be restored.
    Tony G7OHAStuart G0IUASunday 3rd July 2022. Repeater antenna (V2000) now replaced with X510, old coax replaced with Messi & Paoloni, stub pole improved, Hex beam repaired.
Go to pictures page here
    Now booked, St Josephs hall, Leigh. 21st August 2022
    Go to rally page here
    15/05/22 We have installed two I.P. video cameras (Hikvision) at the shack, (thanks to Colin M0IQY for providing) one is installed in the shack above the door and the other on the antenna pole by the door, close to the Windom balun. These can not be viewed as simply as a domestic USB webcam on most browsers. But it can on later Windows Internet Explorer and Windows Chrome with the I.E. extension installed (easier than it sounds, type IE tab into browser). They support many more logins than a USB webcam and have other benifits.
    The best way to view is to install a Hikvision app from the Play store/App store on your device (such as Hik-connect) and follow the instructions on
    31/03/22 Unfortunately the Hex beam seems to have picked up damage again.
    Our plan is to wait for the next clear warm weather break and complete the whole antenna maintenance schedule, which will involve replacing the repeater antenna and coax along with the Hex beam repair.
    A working party will be required, those interested in volunteering their services please contact Stan (Chairman) at the next meeting.
    Tom has been investigating Spinners Mill in Leigh as a backup venu, not ideal, but usable, also has a museum on site as added interest.
    ... But it's looking like St Josephs hall will be open for summer, so will be our most likely choice of venu. The most likely month will be July.
    Details on here in the very near future.

    Unfortunately we could not raise enough members to brave the riggors of the overnight camping aspect of this event. This event will be replaced with a simpler field trip soon.
    The WMRC AGM was held on 27th Jan 2022.
    The new committee members appointed can be viewed here
    Congratulations and thanks to Mark M0INI for his appointment to Secretary and his previous work as temporary secretary.
    Congratulations to Tom M7MCQ as he takes over from Colin M0IQY as Rally manager and combines a new recrutement roll. As Colin moves to awards manager

    WMRC service awards for 21-22 go to:
    Paul Sargent award - Stuart G0IUA
    Presidents award - Liz Oliver and Peter G4WLI jointly
    Jerry Coupe award - Peter G4WLI
    Bob Lowe award - Andy M1VIP
    Check the gallery for pictures here
    Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control we have to postpone the Red Rose Rally of February 6th 2021. The owners of St Josephs hall have stated that the building will remain closed through February. Major vendors have also said they are likely to withdraw due to uncertaity over recent Covid news and uncertainty of forthcoming protocol.

    However...fear not we will plan for an enlarged summer event around June/July.

    spring field day locationDave, the special events organiser is lining us up with an overnight field trip, when the weather improves.
    Initial plans were for a late autum event, but Covid uncertainty and the unfavourable mix of cold and old bones has prompted us to move it to spring 2022.
    Anyone who fancies an overnighter Buxton way, (indoors accomodation) get more details from Dave (Keyser) at the next regular club meeting. A potentially memorable event brewing here!


    Working partyDamage caused by storm Arwen has been repaired by the working party on 5/12/21.
    Working party consisted of: Stan, Tony, Dave (Keyser), Colin, Stuart and Peter.
    Damage was limited to the 40m element that had become detached and the feed from the balun had failed.
    The Carolina Windom was also repaired and reinstated.

    Reinforcement of the front and back of the
    hex beam was done using paracord supplied by Colin.Hex beam under repair
  • facebook logoPUBLIC FACEBOOK GROUP LAUNCHED 11th Nov 2021
    Non members are welcome to browse and comment on club activities. Our Facebook group West Manchester Radio Club is open to all to view content about the clubs activities.
    The members only group is still active for WMRC internal matters.
  • Youtube logoWMRC YOUTUBE CHANNEL LAUNCHED 7th Nov 2021
    Members and non members are welcome to browse our YouTube channel where video clips of our events will be published. New uploads frequently added.
    Click here for YouTube to open in a new page.

    Shack refitA great success, with favourable weather. Good turnout from members, a genuinely fun based day.
    Many thanks to those who visited us during the day.
    A brief video is available here for those who couldn't attend, or fancy the next one.


    Shack refitThe shack refit is going well, the working party on Sunday (12th Sep) have removed the middle section table/bench and installed a replacement computer, where the lower bands transciever will be located. Eventually enabling members to use a dedicated workstation for 160- 40m working with digital mode options.
A VHF/UHF station will be outfitted on the bench area in front of the repeater. This will give us 3 seperate workstations HF higher bands, HF lower bands and VHF/UHF.

A UPS device provided by Colin M0IQY (shown) has now been fitted to the repeater to avoid the 'brown-outs' that have been knocking out the Wires X computer.
    Subject to all going well with the covid outbreak over winter, we plan to run the Winter Red Rose Rally on Sunday 6th February 2022 at St Josephs hall, Leigh.
  • GB7WM NEWS 02/07/21

    Our Fusion repeater has now completed its move to the new dedicated cabinet. The cabinet gives us more shack space and has improved the cooling for the repeater.
    repeater in cabinet
  • Reliability of the repeater has been improved over time by altering the air flow and modifying the internal fans and ducting.
    The biggest improvement is due to the new FTM 100 node radio, which has now isolated the repeater and prevented the TX lockups that these machines experience.
    Unfortunately connectivity reliability is in the hands of BT! As our 'end of road' location does not give us the most reliable internet. However we continue to press for a fibre to building connection.
    For more pictures of the rehousing project go to the picture gallery here